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An intense local multiplayer fighting game, where players fight to the death to earn their place as the ultimate warrior champion of the boomerang god, "RANG".

Choose between four characters, each equipped with a unique boomerang weapon and skill set.

  • The Brawler
  • The Assassin
  • The Reaver
  • The Trickster

Experience a unique gameplay system based around boomerang throwing combat, a responsive tight controls scheme, unique character class attributes, and a randomly altering level system that continually changes the arena playing field.


The game is meant to be played with a game-pad controller.

Left-analog stick: Move character

Right-analog stick: Change facing direction

Right bumper (RB): Throw Boomerang

Left bumper (LB): Dodge maneuver

B-button (B): Melee attack


A link to our Development Blog:



Doomerang Build

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